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New Release of NSIP Percentile Reports

Percentile reports are calculated once per month and can be found on the Online Searchable Database.

Terminal sire reports are published for Dorsets, Hampshires, Shropshires, Suffolks and Texels. The percentile reports provide producers with a benchmark to compare the EBVs of an animal.  The report lists the percentile bands of each trait.  This allows you to compare animals to see where they fit in with the rest of the breed for any given trait.  For example, if an EBV is in the 90th percentile, it is in the top 10% of the breed for that particular trait.

Percentile reports are calculated using the 2 most recent years’ lamb crops.  The data is filtered to only include those animals that have sufficient genetic linkages to other flocks for the given traits in order to perform an accurate comparison.  The number of lambs included in each category is listed at the bottom of each column.

Reports will be published regularly throughout the year. For a more detailed description of the various traits and indexes go to “descriptions of all EBVs”.

To run your own detailed reports on each breed, visit the Online Searchable Database to run custom queries based on your particular interests.  You can quickly and easily sort the data for a particular breed to find elite animals or perform your own custom queries to fine-tune genetic selection decisions!


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