Seminars & Presentations

NSIP is committed to helping American sheep producers improve profitability through the use of genetic information and actionable tools. Our membership recognizes the importance of combining genetic evaluations derived from performance records with visual assessments when selecting breeding stock for purebred and commercial flocks.

The following are recordings are from a series of webinars which took place May – June, 2014. Please use these recordings to learn more about the NSIP program and how it can benefit your operation.

NSIP Webinars

How the sheep industry can benefit from NSIP (Dr. Robert Banks)

How the goat industry can benefit from NSIP (Dr. Ken Andries)

How, when, and what data to collect(Cody Hiemke)

Challenges of moving to a performance-based flock (Bill Shultz)

How to enter and submit data (Chris Schauer)

Producer Panel

Additional Webinars & Educational Seminars

Profitable Genetic Selection Webinar (Dec. 17, 2013)

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NSIP Workshop by Sam Gill (September, 2012)

NSIP Membership Presentation on Costs, Coding & Data Submission by Mary Sorensen (pdf download)

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