Using the PedigreeMaster Data Entry System

Pedigree Master Manual 2.0 January 2017

The manual is also broken out by chapter here:

Chapter 1 — Introduction
Chapter 2 — Downloading, Installing and Customizing
Chapter 3 — PedigreeMaster screens
Chapter 4 – Data input
Chapter 5 — Submitting data
Chapter 6 — Receiving Data
Chapter 7 – Adding a computer or New computer
Appendix A – Terminology and abbreviations
Appendix B — Use of PM if the primary computer is a Mac
Appendix C – Character sequences that should not be used in PM IDs
Appendix D – Top Ten FAQs and their answers

This PM-Quick-Help guide was developed by SheepGenetics and contains more information on using the software.

If the above manual doesn’t answer a question, you can also browse the Lambplan help page at the link below (see its menu on the left-hand bar for help topics). You can also find a download of the latest version of Pedigree Master there.
Lambplan Pedigree Master Help Page
Note that Pedigree Master is the newer application provided by Lambplan for NSIP data entry. It works on both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows computers. There is not a version offered for Apple/Mac.

Pedigree Wizard
For those still using the older NSIP data entry application, Pedigree Wizard, below is a link to its instruction manual.
Pedigree Wizard instruction manual
If the above manual doesn’t answer a question, you can also browse the Lambplan help page for Pedigree Wizard at the below link. You can also find the most recent version of Pedigree Wizard for download there.
Lambplan Pedigree Wizard Help Page
NSIP encourages members to update to Pedigree Master as soon as possible. There is no longer technical support for Pedigree Wizard, whereas Pedigree Master gets continual updates. Note that Pedigree Wizard only works on 32bit Windows computers, not on 64 bit; nor on Apple/Mac computers.

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