Executive Committee
Reid Redden, Tom Boyer, Lisa Weeks, Walt Williams, Jim Morgan, Ron Lewis

Promotion and Education Committee
Jerry Sorensen (chair person), Dan Morrical, Alan Culham, John Carlson, Anthony Henke, Ben Lehfeldt, Walt Williams

Technical Committee
Ron Lewis(chair person), Dave Notter, Dave Thomas, Dan Waldron, Dan Morrical, Tom Murphy

Ultrasound Training sub-Committee (under Technical Comm.)
Chris Schauer (chair person), Cody Hiemke, Todd Taylor, Laura DeYoung

Genomics sub-Committee (under Technical Comm.)
James Morgan and Lynn Fahrmeier (co-chair persons)

Bylaw and Structure Committee
Cody Hiemke (chair person), Reid Redden, Paul Rodgers

Member Relations Committee
Cody Hiemke (chair person), Rodney Kott, Jerry Sorensen, Reid Redden, Laura DeYoung

Goat Committee
Ken Andries(Chair person), Janet Tekell, PJ Murphy, Brian Payne, Niki Whitley, Terry Gipson

Website Committee
Michelle Canfield (Chair person), Robert Walker, Laura DeYoung, Lisa Weeks

Nomination Committee
Bill Shultz (Chair person), Jerry Sorensen, Cody Hiemke

National Sheep Improvement Program
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