Suffolks are a large breed with a distinctive all-black head and legs that are free of wool. They are an efficient converter of grass, forbs, and forage into quality meat and fiber. Suffolk lambs grow faster than any other breed and yield heavy, high cutability carcasses of the type demanded by today’s health conscience consumers. Therefore, efficiency is indicated by length and dimension of the body. This is the type of body that is robust, complimenting healthy longevity, efficient feed conversion under various conditions, ease of care, and ease of lambing.In the United States, they are by far the most popular pure breed of sheep, accounting for more than fifty percent of purebred sheep registrations.

Visit the United Suffolk Sheep Association to learn more.

NSIP Breed Coordinators

Brenda Reau

phone: 734-755-8285

INSTRUCTIONS: If you put cursor over a pin and click the breeders information will appear. On some of the breeders maps the pins are so close together on the zoomed out map that you can not see all the pins marking individual breeders. For those situations I recommend clicking on the blue words below the map to see a larger version that also shows the list of breeders in alphabetical order along the side.

View Suffolk Breeders -enrolled in a larger map

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