The Polypay breed was born out of frustration and a dream. Long-time Idaho sheep man Reed Hulet was frustrated with the production of his family’s 600 Idaho range ewes. They needed more productive sheep to make a profit. His dream –to develop a more prolific, better milking and mothering breed of range and farm combination sheep by cross breeding the best sheep available, and selecting for prolificacy and other economic traits. Reed Hulet did not have the resources to develop a new breed of sheep, so he shared his dream with his brother, Dr. Clarence Hulet’s experimental breeding plan to reduce breeding seasonality and enhance prolificacy was approved.

Learn more about the breed from the American Polypay Sheep Association.

NSIP Breed Coordinators

Todd Taylor
University of Wisconsin-Madison
W4858 Meek Rd
Arlington, WI 53911
phone: 608-846-5858

John Carlson
JCC Polypay
13525 N 1050 Rd
Macomb, IL 61455
phone: 309-333-9798

INSTRUCTIONS: If you put cursor over a pin and click the breeders information will appear. On some of the breeders maps the pins are so close together on the zoomed out map that you can not see all the pins marking individual breeders. For those situations I recommend clicking on the blue words below the map to see a larger version that also shows the list of breeders in alphabetical order along the side.

View Polypay Breeders-enrolled in a larger map

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