Dorsets are adaptable to all types of sheep enterprises, from the large, full-time commercial producer to the small, part-time purebred farm flock operation. The Dorset breed was originally developed as an extremely versatile sheep that thrived and excelled in a variety of environments, under various nutritional and management regimens. Due to their moderate size and fast, effcient growth, they are profitable producers of lamb, milk, and wool. The versatility of the breed is most readily apparent in their ability to serve both maternal and terminal aspects of sheep production. The maternal superiority of the Dorset breed is readily accepted by both commercial and purebred producers due to the breed’s out-of-season lambing

Website: Continental Dorset Club

NSIP Breed Coordinator

Kathy Soder
5867 Eberle Rd
Petersburg, PA 16669
phone: 814-669-1374

INSTRUCTIONS: If you put cursor over a pin and click the breeders information will appear. On some of the breeders maps the pins are so close together on the zoomed out map that you can not see all the pins marking individual breeders. For those situations I recommend clicking on the blue words below the map to see a larger version that also shows the list of breeders in alphabetical order along the side.

View Dorset Breeders – enrolled in a larger map

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